Educational Sales

SERO has an extensive network of around 14 major contractors and 300 individual sub-agents throughout Australia. SERO has a global backbone network of associates and representatives in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. SERO has a constantly expanding network on the international horizon, who are able to provide services with complete reliability and satisfaction. SERO Network-associates provide tailored solutions to prospective students, with a complete process of guidance and counseling, thereby making them take an informed decision. Having an association with some of the best educational institutions in Australia, SERO has been successfully providing quality solutions, by procuring the right selection of candidates for their institutions.

3d rendering cubes with social media words on a black keyboard
3d rendering cubes with social media words on a black keyboard

Brand Awareness

Our marketing professionals use targeted and integrated communication strategies that cultivate brand awareness and equity through SEO, social media, events, website and traditional marketing. We find the marketing platforms that best suit your business and create a focused marketing plan to help your business thrive.

Appointment Setting

The team at SERO Marketing qualifies every lead before setting any appointments for your sales representatives. Our team consists of conversational experts that can engage each individual, ensuring proven results for return on your investment. We are able to work from an existing contacts list or alternatively, source a reliable one on your behalf.

Two cheerful successful young businessmen shaking hands on business meeting
Two cheerful successful young businessmen shaking hands on business meeting

Solar Sales

Australia is also one of the developed nations who is dealing with the rising energy costs, increasingly pressing environmental concerns and stiff economic competition. We all need to identify ways to meet our growing energy needs with clean, renewable sources. SERO believes in identifying new options in order to get a cost-effective way to handle this issue and taking part in introducing solar energy products and services. As SERO has an extensive nationwide network of contractors and agents, who can provide sales and marketing services for reliable solar energy partners.

Market Research

Market research is one of the key aspects of developing an efficient and creative marketing plan for your business. Our team recognizes the importance of this step and is qualified in identifying your target audience, understand existing customers, setting appropriate benchmarks and identifying any business opportunities. Marketing that is inconsistent with your brand’s target market is a wasted investment, so we make sure we develop the most effective strategies for you. Having a clear and concise marketing plan is not just for big businesses, it will help all businesses grow. We know that a thorough planning and development, ensures the success of our marketing strategies on all media platforms. Our team at SERO Marketing follow a step by step process to ensure we meet all your business goals.

Rear view of business team near blackboard with colorful light bulb and startup sketch drawn on it. Concept of idea of business