SERO Marketing has been proudly providing services in the fields of educational sales (both local and international students), IT services, outsourced marketing campaigns, solar energy products’ sales & supplies; and hair extension products for the last 3 years. While having a well-established track record, SERO offers great services within the industry standards at very competitive rates. SERO has never been known to compromise on the quality of the services provided.

SERO has an extensive network of around 14 major contractors and 300 individual sub-agents throughout Australia. SERO has a global backbone network of associates and representatives in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. SERO has a constantly expanding network on the international horizon, who are able to provide services with complete reliability and satisfaction.

SERO Network-associates provide tailored solutions to prospective students, with a complete process of guidance and counseling, thereby making them take an informed decision. Having an association with some of the best educational institutions in Australia, SERO has been successfully providing quality solutions, by procuring the right selection of candidates for their institutions.

their institutions.
During the last two years, SERO has provided over 5000 leads to various Registered Training Organisations (RTO) and about 3200 students successfully enrolled in different courses, while meeting the client’s expectations regarding the retention rate for supplied students.

SERO Marketing also offers International Student recruitment services to institutions for their offered courses, in order to procure potential students from different eligible countries. SERO Marketing always believes in providing its clients with an end-to-end solution, while strengthening a fruitful relationship for the future.

Our IT team also offers dedicated and innovative solutions for our valued clients in the areas including; website services, advertising campaigns, designing & implementation, gaming technologies, etc.

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